Custom Design & Tailor Made

For us, collaborating with you, our client, is always in fashion. This way, we get to know and understand your vision better, which enables us to bring your vision to life more accurately. As such, we customize each program to the look you need, the price point you want, and we’ll even seek out an avenue for distribution that will knock your argyle socks off.

Plus, we’ll happily create style boards, compile swatches and work with you on a program that will stand the test of time, as they say. And we’ll do this, while never forgetting about your employees. Because when they don’t feel and look their best – everything and everyone suffers. So it’s best to avoid discomfort altogether. Besides, employees can quickly tell the difference between a garment that is cheap and one that is well made. Which is one of the reasons we proudly guarantee our products for 6 months.

So in essence, our clothes speak for themselves. Although, servers and other staff members have also been known to vouch for us. Not that we’re complaining.