About DG Uniforms

Julie Duquette is the dirty and the girl behind DG. Her 15-year career in hospitality has taken her through some of Canada’s most successful restaurants, lounges and nightclubs.

Armed with a degree in fashion merchandising and an obsessively passionate work ethic, Julie set out to revolutionize the industry. She mashed her love of fashion and the hospitality industry to launch DG Uniforms. By taking inspiration from the runways and working with serving staff and employers, DG introduced and created custom apparel that was not only comfortable and durable, but trendsetting.

Julie’s motto has always been to” focus on the employees’ needs first”. That hasn’t and will never change. For the last 7 years, DG has been the go-to custom apparel design house for the hospitality industry. In fact, her brand became so, well, fashionable, that she recently branched out in 3 unique divisions – in order to better serve her clients.

As Julie puts it:  "The greatest compliment is when owners and mangers call me because one of their employees told them about DG. That’s when I know I’ve done my job."